About Us

Soca music has rapidly gained popularity on the international music scene, with several of its hits entering the global music charts, such as “Hot Hot Hot” by Arrow, “Who Let the Dogs Out” by Anslem Douglas (Original) / Baha Men, and “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle. This genre’s success has led to the creation of a brand of Specialist Entertainment known as SOCALICIOUS.

Imagine an event that brings together the world’s best Soca Performers, including artists and DJs, in luxurious surroundings to entertain and hypnotize masses of people with their skills and talents. This dream is what we have made a reality with SOCALICIOUS.

Our event provides a platform for Soca Performers to showcase their exceptional skills to audiences not only in the UK but also to their fellow performers from other countries. Each performer is carefully selected based on their exemplary skill in their craft, making SOCALICIOUS the most authentic experience for Soca music lovers.

With performers from the Caribbean, United States, and Europe, SOCALICIOUS is the premier Soca Performer event in the UK. Our commitment to promoting the UK’s best Soca Performers and the world’s best in their field has earned us recognition in publications like ‘The Voice’ and ‘Soca News.’

At SOCALICIOUS, we are dedicated to bringing the ultimate Soca raving experience to our audience, and we will continue to seek out and bring the best Soca Performers to your attention.